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We’re Going On Vacation!

The time has come to put my money where my mouth is!

A couple of months back, I shared with you how one of the sessions at South by Southwest resonated deeply with me. For a few weeks my mind turned over ways to slowly infuse that wisdom into my life but, the truth is, the only way to do it is “cold turkey.”

And so, starting tomorrow morning at 8am, I will be off-line and away from my phone and email for one week. HOLY CRAP! Just typing it out stirs mild waves of panic.


Of course I know that the world will not stop spinning on it’s axis if I am not at my keyboard. And I am fully aware of the benefits of recharging one’s batteries to spark renewed energy and boost creativity.

The problem is getting my logical side to convince my emotional side – it’s like opposing personalities are fighting in my head. I’ve never been away from for a week, and though I’ve scheduled posts and have a backup plan in place, I’m still afraid to let go.

It’s also crossed my mind that I’ve developed an addiction to the Internet … just anticipating the herion-like withdrawal symptoms is terrifying!

But I’m going to trust my own advice – I mean, how good is it if I don’t follow it myself, right?! The encouragement I’ve passed on so many times since Rod and I decided to sell everything and move into the motorhome is to FEEL THE FEAR, AND DO IT ANYWAY. That will be my motto until I’m over the hump and able to relax into vacation mode.

We’ll see you on the other side! Team

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  • LOL!! I wasn’t sure I could do it, Pamela, but it was really good for me. Not only do I know that I’m capeable, but I’m already looking forward to the next time!

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