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What To Do When Your Dog Is Sprayed By A Skunk

We interrupt this visit to wine country to bring you an important announcement from the Emergency Buster System:  You know those little black cats with the white stripes down their backs? They are not to be trusted!

This concoction is your best bet to get rid of the stink when you're dog gets skunked.

We were supposed to be giving you the rest of the scoop on wine country today. Unfortunately, Buster got himself into a bit of a stink last night. We had just settled into our RV park and got the dogs out for an evening walk around the marsh. Buster and I were in the lead, and as we rounded a corner Buster came nose to tail with a skunk!

This little incident reminded me that I had neglected to share our tips for removing “eau de skunk” should your dog have a similar encounter.

I suggest that you add these ingredients to your dog’s suitcase: one large bottle of peroxide, one box of baking soda, and one bottle of Dawn dish washing liquid. Skunks inhabit both urban and rural areas, so you could meet one at any time. Best to be prepared.

De-skunking Ingredients

In the event of a skunking, mix the large bottle of peroxide with a quarter cup of the dish washing liquid and 2 tablespoons of the baking soda. (I keep this recipe in my iPhone, so I can find it in a hurry.) Hold your breath, apply liberally to your dog, and scrub, scrub, scrub.

Buster's Bath Buster's Bath Buster's Bath

Be sure to rinse the soap out thoroughly before drying off your dog. This was one of those times that I was especially grateful for the outdoor shower feature on the Winnebago. Being able to rinse Buster with warm water made this a more comfortable experience for us both.

I’m happy to report that this concoction really works! Buster is curled up next to me on the sofa and he smells fine. His coat is a bit more fluffy than usual – I’m sure due to the oil-removing properties of the dish soap. We’ll be adding a couple extra cans of sardines to Buster’s food this week to help avoid any issues with dry skin.

All in all, our first meeting with a skunk was pretty painless … though Buster may disagree.


Has your dog been sprayed by a skunk? Did you use something else that worked well to get rid of the smell?

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  • Sandy says:

    Added a tsp of vegetable glycerin. So, far, so good. Smell not completely gone, but almost. ‍♀️

    • Amy at says:

      So sorry you’re dealing with this, Sandy! Thanks for the tip on the vegetable glycerin and good luck.

  • That’s good to know – thanks, Cathie!

  • A real fruity shampoo works too. But it has to be REAL fruity.

  • I hadn’t heard of that before, Pat – thanks for letting us know!

  • Yes, I think we’d both have preferred that, Heather! =) Thanks for the head’s-up and safe travels to you, too!

  • Good tip, Sue! Thank you!

  • Sue Brown says:

    I rub the baking soda into the dry fur first to draw out the skunk oil then bathe with this solution. It works great!

  • I think the wine valley spa treatment is what he signed up for. When/if in Santa Rosa (great dog town) go to Fidoeaux- great shop! Safe travels!

  • Pat Szkwarko says:

    I just use Suave clarify shampoo…put on dry fur, let sit a few mins and rinse…no smell at all.

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