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What Size Dog Do You Travel With?

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We hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. We detoured off the road for several days to enjoy a family get together in St. Charles, MO. More about that city visit later this week.

As you know, we kick off each month with the results of last month’s pet friendly travel survey. Here are the results of our May 2010 poll.

What size dog(s) do you travel with?

  • Less than 25 lbs – 25%
  • 25 to 50 lbs – 20%
  • 50 to 75 lbs – 34%
  • Greater than 75 lbs – 21%

The results of this poll weigh “heavy” for those of us traveling with large dogs (our Ty and Buster weigh 40 and 70 pounds, respectively). How so? Well, here’s the build up.

  • Our January poll question asked where people stay when they travel with their pet – 73% said in a pet friendly hotel.
  • Our March poll question asked what is your most important consideration when choosing a pet friendly hotel – 33% said number of pets, weight, or breed restrictions (second only to low or no pet fees).
  • Thus, most of you are staying in a hotel when you travel with your pet … and you feel pretty strongly that the hotel’s weight restriction is an important consideration.

Now, we’ve seen hotel weight restrictions kick in as low as 25 pounds and as high as 50 pounds. According to our survey, 75% of us find ourselves in the dog house at a weight restriction of 25 pounds. With a restriction of 50 pounds, 55% of us are still too big to book a hotel room.

So the question is: Why do so many hotels have a weight restriction that, even at its most generous cutoff, eliminates the majority of people who travel with their pets? A good question indeed!

This is why @AndASmallDog and @GoPetFriendly have joined forces to persuade hotels to scratch their restrictions on Rover’s rotundness. There’s a grassroots campaign going on over at and an online petition to gain support for this important cause.

If you have not already done so, please sign the petition!

  • michelechollow says:

    Rod, Weight restrictions really don't make sense. It's behavior. You can have a wonderfully trained 80 pound dog and an unruly 10 pound dog. I'd choose the larger.

  • Kim Clune says:

    You've got my John Hancock. We've got a NEWF!

  • That's interesting that 55% of the dogs that people travel with are over 50 lbs. I wonder if the perceived “fear factor” that seems to be attached to larger dogs is the reason for hotels imposing weight restrictions.

    I saw a Dog du Bordeaux today that was MASSIVE, over 200 lbs I think. He was a truly gentle giant, but I guess I can understand the uneasiness that some might have walking towards an animal that large in a hotel corridor.

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