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What To Do When You Absolutely Positively Can’t Take The Dogs

I wish the title of this post were rhetorical … that I was baiting you with a great question, to which I would respond with witty flare. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The truth of the matter is, I’m having a bit of a panic attack. Well, that may be overstating things a tiny bit – but in a few months this will definitely be a full-blown crisis if we don’t get something figured out!

Here’s the situation … long-time readers know that our dogs have issues. Ty is afraid of strangers and other dogs, and Buster is reactive towards other dogs when he’s on a leash (which, as you can imagine, is most of the time). Managing their behavior is part of life for us and we handle it pretty well. But, we’re planning a trip in May … and we’re not going to be able to take the dogs with us.

Buster and Ty

What do you mean we’re not going?

Rod’s son, Paul, and his lovely fiancé are getting married in Jamaica in nine months, and taking Buster and Ty to the wedding is not option. Trust me … I’ve looking into having the Winnebago fitted with pontoons and floating it over … it’s a no-go. Ty and Buster vetoed the idea that we’d outfit them with water wings and directions and have them meet us at the resort. And Rod put the kibosh on my plan to get stand-up paddleboards and stroke our way to Montego Bay.

Paul and Crissy

This is one of those times when the disadvantages of our nomadic lifestyle becomes painfully apparent … we don’t have a regular pet sitter. There isn’t one person out there who Ty and Buster know well and who is familiar with the boys’ challenges. So, we have a bit of a predicament. Missing the wedding isn’t an option, but I’m at a loss for dog care options that won’t prompt my nervous breakdown.

To complicate things just a little more, the only cities outside the East Coast that have direct flights to Jamaica are Chicago, Dallas, Huston and Phoenix. We’d rather fly from one of those cities to minimize the time we’re away from the dogs, but which one doesn’t matter much.

So there … I’ve put it out into the Universe and I’m open to your suggestions. What are your recommendations for finding someone to take care of Buster and Ty for four days in May?

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  • Thanks so much, Miriam! I’ll shoot you an email – we’ve been discussing where we should fly out of so getting that nailed down will make a big difference.

  • There are some very good places in all of those areas. I can contact some of my trainer/pet sitter colleagues and share your information. The really good ones understand how to cope with dogs with issues. Don’t let me forget to get the information to you.

  • What a fantastic assignment, Paris! We’ve only been once before and stayed at a resort near the airport and never left the grounds. This time we’ll be about two hours from the airport to the south east. It looks like a quiet part of the island and the beaches look gorgeous! It should be a great trip, if I don’t worry myself sick about the dogs. =/

  • Yes, that’s the second time DogVacay has come up. I’m going to have to look into that. Thanks so much for your note, Fanny.

  • Good suggestion, Raeanne. Thankfully we have plenty of time to prepare the boys and the sitter. We just have to figure out where we’re flying out of and find someone there who’s willing to work with us. Thanks for your note!

  • Now, that’s creative thinking Kathleen! I’m going to put chartering a yacht on my list of solutions … but somehow I don’t see my husband going along with it. =) He’d probably rather I stay home with the dogs and miss the wedding! LOL! Thanks so much for your note.

  • Thank you! I feel so bad for your pup – even when she’s with someone she loves she’s upset! I have a feeling Buster and Ty will be less stressed about this than I am. As long as there’s someone there to fill the bowls and go for walks they’ll probably be fine. Me, on the other hand … I’ll probably be a mess! =)

  • The challenges of traveling full-time! =)

  • If we can’t find someone to come to the RV and stay with them, we’re definitely going to do that Sheley. We’ll probably even start out with just a couple of hours and work them up to an overnight. I don’t want them to be stressed out by the situation – I’m sure I’ll generate enough grey hair over this for all of us!

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