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Where Do You Eat When You Travel With Your Pet?

the results are in ...

We’ve been on the road for almost six months. Driven a tad over 13,000 miles. At meal time, we find it most convenient to prepare food in our RV. However, we also like to dine out with Ty and Buster – sometimes sitting down at a restaurant, sometimes grabbing fast food, and other times ordering take out.

This caused us to wonder where our fellow pet travelers eat when they’re on the road with their furry companions. And that led to our August pet friendly travel poll question:

When traveling with your pet, are you most likely to eat:

  • At a sit down restaurant (outdoor seating) – 38%
  • Fast food at a drive-in or drive-through – 28%
  • Take out – 16%
  • Self-prepared food – 15%
  • In the hotel (room service) – 3%

We are surprised – and happy – to see that outdoor dining is the #1 response to our poll question. It’s great to enjoy a relaxing meal with your pet. It’s also a wonderful training opportunity (sit, down, and get your paws off my steak). And it’s an occasion for socialization (running into friends, strangers, and other pets).

Finding pet friendly restaurants is the most time consuming aspect of adding new content to our website. We’re glad you are putting the data to good use!

And just a reminder: When you can, support restaurants that are pet friendly … even if your pet isn’t along. When you pay the check, thank them for their pet friendly policy.

Also, I imagine most of that outdoor dining is happening with your pooch. Here are some tips for dog friendly dining that I recently blogged about. These tips cover people dining with dogs, people without dogs dining near people with dogs, and people who don’t believe people should ever dine with dogs.