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Which Pet Friendly Destination Are You?

Driving around gives you a lot of time to think, and sometimes the thinking leads to interesting conversations in the cab of our Winnebago. One such confab took place last week as we were motoring from Pennsylvania to Rhode Island, kicking off our summer tour of New England. Envisioning our surroundings for the next few months, Rod said he expects to be quite comfortable in New England because its characteristics resonate with who he is.

At first, I thought that perhaps my dear husband had lost it – that all these months on the road had taken their toll and he was losing his grip – but I played along. “Please, darling, tell me what you mean.”

Harkening back to their Puritan origins, Rod attributes New Englanders with a deeply engrained work ethic and an appreciation of structure. He expects this to translate into straight lines, precisely laid – whether they be streets, picket fences, or church steeples.  He anticipates a serious, stoic, straight-shooting atmosphere … perhaps leaning a bit toward the rigid … and thinks that he’ll fit right in.

Whoa! I’d never thought of things in that way. Of course, uncovering the personality of a place is central to what we do … but contemplating how my personal characteristics and traits could be embodied in a place had never occurred to me. It got me thinking …

… and I thought about Prescott, Arizona. The town’s formal square seems to correspond to the accountant that resides at the core of my being. However, the saloons around the square definitely say something about my rebellious, fun-loving side.

The collection of Victorian homes speaks to my almost subconscious pull toward the proper, while the town’s very existence in what was the “wild west” reflect my daring, defiant, and determined (to the point of stubborness) aspects.

Finally, the self-designation as “Everybody’s Hometown” points to the friendliness that Prescott and I share.

The funny thing is, I never would have said the I was more comfortable in Prescott than any of the other places we’ve visited. In fact, the place Rod and I have enjoyed most is Austin, Texas –  a laid-back, unassuming, free-thinking experiment in pet friendliness. I imagine that’s because in our heads we are New England and Prescott … but in our hearts we are Austin.

Now I’m curious – which pet friendly destination are you? Which do you wish you were?

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  • I selfishly hope that you follow your personality/personalities to Prescott since it’s in my state if you ever decide to settle in anywhere for a bit. I guess, like Leo, I have a dual citizenship personality. I’m very much a New Yorker, but there’s something in the Southwest — specifically Tucson — that speaks to a more adventurous side and to one that seeks solitude. I suppose that’s obvious since I picked up and moved here ~

  • I don’t know that I’ve traveled to enough places to properly answer this question. I’ve been across Canada and some of the States but no one location really struck me as truly resonating of my personality. Perhaps I just have yet to find it? Or perhaps I can’t be summed up by location at all? One of the aspects of myself that I take pride in is that I can adjust to living anywhere. We moved around a lot when I was a child and I continued that trend as an adult. As such I have no “hometown” but that fact never bothered me. We’ve been in Nova Scotia for almost four years and don’t intend to move again soon, but I am sure one day that will change.

  • British Columbia in sooo many places. Of course Vancouver Island rocks(where I live) but the province is awesome for dogs! I’ve just spent the last few months around the West Kootenays and North Okanagan for example…my dog played in snow, hiked mountains, was in lakes, rivers, pristine places with kilometers of beaches surrounded by snow capped mountains, tons of space to run, be free OFF LEASH( I hate the leach more than my dog lol) . Mind you, I also loved Baja del Sur when with my dog there, also free range beaches, kms of them with hardly anyone…and NO LEASH :-)) …I am a wild free spirit at heart most definitely!

  • Although I’ve never traveled the US it seems to me the rest of the country is much more pet friendly. I don’t know if here in NE we are or at least not in RI or MA. I try my best to take my pup everywhere with me but I’ve noticed many of our trails are very strict with dogs being on paths and have only found one dog friendly beach opened to them year round. But I will very much love to read about your adventures here in the good old NE area. Your much better at that than I probably am ;)

  • got to be the west coast beaches for me,kinda fits my changing moods and personality.except that you can’t see the storms comming in like you can at the beach.hehehe

  • Oh wait, I am not a twin for nothing, my other me is Barcelona, Spain :)

  • Without a doubt, I am Bergen, Norway :)

  • What a fun question. I love your take on this.Although it’s not terribly pet-friendly, I’m very Ithaca. Or maybe I should pick its more pet-friendly clone, Burlington, VT. I’m self-consciously liberal, think I’m too smart for my own good, and not nearly as daring or committed as I would like to be.The pet-friendly place I’d like to be (don’t know if it’s pet-friendly but don’t see how it could not be) is Black Rock City during Burning Man. Unexpected, colorful, and embracing the creative. Sounds like someone needs a vacation, doesn’t it? :)

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