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Whoa, Nelly! We’re Sliding Into Home

Imagine you’re riding in a covered wagon, bumping along happily when suddenly the horses are spooked … they take off, out of control … you lose your grasp on the reins and find yourself clinging to the floorboards begging for it all to stop.

That’s a picture of what the last month has been like for us.

I wrote that introduction for a post I published one year ago tomorrow … funny, it’s just as accurate now as it was then. November will always be exceptionally busy for us as long as we travel full-time. It’s the last month of the year with bearable weather – if only marginally so – in the parts of the country where our families live. Braving the snow and cold at Christmas is not part of our plan, so we spend time with the people we love in November. The map of the past month looks like this …

November 2012 Map

Since Barkworld in Atlanta, we’ve spent forty-three hours behind the wheel and traveled 2,700 miles. We’ve visited family in Myrtle Beach, Jacksonville, NC, Reading, PA, Philadelphia, added a new brother-in-law to the family in Nashville, and slid into Austin with our hair on fire.

For two people who freely admit they’re addicted to traveling, coming home feels pretty darn good.

If you were following the blog last year, you may have picked up on my love for Austin. Rod and I have spent hours teasing out plans for our time here – fifteen weeks also known as “our hibernation.” There are restaurants we want to go back to, day trips we want to do with the dogs, walks we want to take all over again. We’ll both have our plates full with projects for our businesses, a list of odds-n-ends to clean up on the Winnebago, and a notion to develop some kind of fitness routine.

Winnebago in Austin

The last part of the drive was pure, sweet anticipation. You know what it’s like to come home after being away for a long time… we thrilled as the mileage to Austin dropped on the GPS. Soon we started recognizing places we were whizzing by on the highway. Before we knew it, we were navigating the city streets that we knew by heart last winter. We pulled back into the same site at the RV park, and before long friends we haven’t seen in nine months were stopping by to say hello.

Having a “home” without owning a house is a new experience for me. And I have to say, the only feeling I like better than coming home is the one I get when it’s time to take off again!

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