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Why Am I Blogging?

Dear friends, I’m asking you to bear with me today. One of my favorite bloggers is leaving the blogosphere, and I’m a little heartbroken. Not for her – she has very eloquently and with great clarity stated her reasons in this exquisite goodbye. And I know that she’ll get more enjoyment out of life when she’s not constantly viewing her existence though the lens of how it will play in an impending blog post.

I’m sad for myself, and for the rest of the world, because Kristine is an exceptionally gifted writer, and the cozy corner of the Internet where I curled up to read her unique perspective on life will now gather cobwebs in her absence. Perhaps she’ll stop in there and dust things off once in a while. Or maybe she’ll find a new place to share her incredible talent. One thing’s for certain, I won’t be the only one keeping a candle in the window, just in case she decides to come back.

Kristine’s farewell post also got me thinking about my own blog and the hours I spend stringing words together and unleashing them into the Universe, in the hope that they’ll help someone out there just a tiny bit. Most bloggers are striving to connect with their audience – and don’t get me wrong, I love that, too – but what absolutely drives me is the hope that my posts might create a deeper connection … the one between you and your pet.

The thought that this blog, in some small way, could help you build a deeper relationship with the animals in your lives is what keeps me going. Perhaps you’ve never traveled with your pets, and seeing how we manage to live on the road full-time with Ty and Buster gives you the last drop of confidence you needed to take your first pet friendly vacation. Maybe you’ve been traveling with your dog for years, and you’re looking for the ideal place for your next jaunt. Or, it could be that you’ve got a day off coming up, and a trip to the park and lunch on a pet friendly patio with your pup sounds like the perfect way to spend it.

No matter why you end up here, if I can help you do something – anything – with your pets, I’ve accomplished my goal. Because you and your pet will be spending time together. You’ll be making memories that you’ll cherish forever. It doesn’t matter if you and I become friends, or even if you remember my name … what matters is that you’ve spent the day with Duke, or Zoe, or Max, or Daisy. Because those are the times you’ll never forget – and neither will your pets.

Dogs at White Sands National Monument, NM

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  • Your last sentence summed it up perfectly, Karen – your blog is for you. If you want to share recipes, share recipes! If you want to do a post with pics of your kitchen, just do it. Your blog is where you get to be you … and your readers will appreciate the authenticity and a “peek behind the curtain” for a more complete picture of who you are.

  • I’m delighted that we’re able to help, and I know you’ll have a fantastic time on your road trip! Thank you so much for the note, and be sure to share some photos from your adventure. Waggin’ trails!

  • I just popped over and read Kristine’s farewell. I wish I had discovered her blog years ago. It sounds like something I would have enjoyed. I find myself bobbing back and forth between wanting to monazite and get sponsors and traffic, and not even wanting to write at all. Right now I feel like posting more about recipes than anything else, but worry how it will affect my readers. Ultimately I blog because at heart I’m a teacher…I like sharing things that might help other people. That might be inspiration for a kitchen remodel, helping someone realize that my foster dog belongs with them, or that fostering is something they want to try…or maybe I can share a recipe that becomes a family tradition. Thank you for the reminder that I blog for me, and not to worry so much about all that other stuff.

  • We are thankful for your blog and all of the great information that you give. We will be living on your site for our cross country road trip! I value your opinion and look forward to experiencing many of the places that you have described on your site. Thanks so much for all that you do!

  • Gus Onyx That sounds perfect! Stay warm – Spring will be here soon (I hope!).

  • Jodi Edwards Stone I agree, Jodi!

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