Pet Travel. Made Easy.

Win a Dog Seat Cover!

Taking your dog on a road trip is a lot of fun, but cleaning the car when you get home is not! If your dog sheds like mine, you’ve probably spent hours trying to dislodge those insidious furs from the upholstery … usually to no avail!

Our tag line, “Pet Travel. Made Easy.” applies to all stages of pet travel, including the clean up – so we’ve teamed up with AutoAnything to give you the chance to win a set of dog seat covers. Take your best friend with you wherever you go without giving another thought to vacuuming when you get back.

The Seat Cover Options

The winner will have their choice of receiving one of the three products below. Each of these seat covers are made from highly durable material meant to prolong your vehicle’s interior.

The Motor Trend by PetEgo seat cover is easy to install and durable to boot, making it a popular choice among pet owners.

Motor Trend by PetEgo Dog Seat Protector

With the Kurgo Bench seat cover, you won’t have to worry about your pet ruining your rear seats interior on your next adventure.

Kurgo Bench Seat Cover

The Kurgo Co-Pilot seat cover keeps your seats clean while your dog rides comfortably in your passenger seat. (Be sure to deactivate the air bags before putting your dog in the front seat of your car!)

Kurgo Co-Pilot Dog Seat Cover

Obviously, these photos were all taken in stationary vehicles … otherwise the dogs would have their seat belt harnesses on!

Contest Winner

Congratulations to Abby Farson Pratt – she’s the winner of the seat cover giveaway!

AutoAnything has been providing quality performance parts and aftermarket accessories for over 33 years. They are committed offering to world class customer service and to delivering only the top name brand products including tonneau covers, floor mats, and car covers. You can also find the latest products and news releases on AutoAnything’s blog, RidePros.

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  • My best buddy Bart Simpson (my 100lb chocolate lab) and I are planning a road trip to the West Coast. Although we have had numerous small adventures, this will be are first BIG one. Like all other dog lovers, everything I buy is to accomodate my 4-legged child. So a few weeks ago, I upgraded our vehicle to a Ford Escape in order to make sure Bart would be comfortable on our long trip. The back seat cover would be an amazing help! It would save my back ALOT of trouble during the cleaning process. Pick Bart & Lisa for the prize, and support Bart & Lisa’s Grand Adventures!!!

  • You two are funny! Personally, I’ve been laughing at the name of the seat cover I want (no, Kathy, not secret cover)….Kurgo Co-Pilot….makes me think of the old joke about the pet owner who couldn’t spell…”Dog is my Co-pilot!: BOL!!

  • Amy . . . Or for when you don’t want your mother-in-law to know you have a dog in the car . . . LOL!!

  • Okay, I totally read that wrong! I thought it said, “win a SECRET dog seat cover!” Hahahaha . . . . I couldn’t figure out why you needed a secret dog seat cover!

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