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You Say Pastie

Often times, Amy and I will look at the same word and pronounce it differently. Sometimes, I think it has to do with gender. For example, I look at “Pastie” and say it with the long a sound (as in paste). And immediately associate it with exotic dancers. Amy, on the other hand, says it with the short a sound (as in past) and, thinks mmm, mmm good!

What does this have to do with pet travel?

Well, remember when I wrote about crossing over Michigan’s Upper Peninsula twice within a few days? Well, coming and going there were signs like this.

Amy and I are thinking "Wahoo" for different reasons

Imagine our respective delights – only one of whose was going to be satisfied. That’s because, in this case, the short a sound (past) is correct. You see, a pastie is a pastry case filled with beef, sliced potato, rutabaga, and onion – and then baked. It originated as a meal for the miners of Cornwall, England and later in the Upper Peninsula.

So instead of me getting this [sorry, no picture … our blog is PG], Amy got this.

Top view (no need to advertise the brand of ketchup)

Side view

By the way, Amy was right – mmm, mmm good!

  • blanket says:

    Ha ha! It's actually a good looking pasty, but just wanted to put my twopenneth in as a native of England.
    There (in the UK) it can be pronounced “parsty”, “pasty” or “pastey” depending on the region of England you come from and how posh you are and has a big dollop of brown sauce (HP) on the side LOL
    I't only 8.30 am and I have a craving :

  • Fiona and Family says:

    Heehee. Pasties (pronounced 'paste') are slightly different! ;-)

    -Fiona's Mom

  • Goofball! By the way, your kind of pasties are getting a new image — as a possible solution to the full body scanners at airports. Amy may be saying the word both ways, soon!

  • Robert says:

    That looks delicious and I haven't had breakfast yet….hmmmmmm (licking my chops)

  • Hop, hop, hop…never been to Michigan but if I do will have to remember the pasties! Looks very yum! Cheers!

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