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You’ve Got Mail!

Getting you mail is one of the challenges of RVing, but this post tie you the inside scoop.How do you get mail when you’re traveling? I mean real mail?

That’s the question we get most often when we tell people that we live full-time in our RV.

When you’re traveling for a short periods of time, mail is fairly easy to handle. You can put it on hold, have a neighbor pick it up for you, etc. However, when your home rolls, things become a bit more challenging.

Getting Started

We started out by doing the easy stuff … eliminating as much mail as possible by getting off of catalog mailing lists and switching all of our bill, bank, and credit card statements to electronic delivery. But that still leaves a bunch of personal mail and packages.

Forwarding Your Mail

The best solution for us turned out to be MySouthDakotaAddress in Madison, South Dakota. Though MSDA caters to RVers, anyone can use their service. Here’s how it works:

After contacting MSDA and getting your new address, you head to your local post office and complete mail forwarding cards for all the members of your family. (Note: the postal service only allows you to forward mail for up to six months at a time.) We also chose to complete Postal Form 1583, which authorized MSDA to open our mail.

Now the mail that arrives at your home address will be forwarded to MSDA, and when it gets there, they’ll send you an email notification.

Changing Your Address

During the six months that the post office is forwarding your mail, you’ll have time to contact the senders to provide them with your new address.

Getting Our Mail

Normally, we have MSDA hold our mail until we get to a place where we’ll be staying for a few days, and then we have it shipped via FedEx, UPS, or USPS, depending on how quickly we need it. Sending an email to MSDA is all that we need to do to get that process rolling.

What’s the Cost?

Inexpensive! The mail service costs $17 a month and you pay separately for the cost of the delivery service you select to send the mail.

MSDA opens your account with a $50.00 postage deposit, generally given via a credit card charge. When your balance is depleted, another deposit is charged into your account. It’s that simple.

And THAT’S how we get our mail.

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  • michelechollow says:

    Wow, what a great way to not get junk mail!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Morning Rod. Just wondering – do you ever check out [email protected]?
    They very briefly describe upcoming events, seminars, happenings, etc. You may already be familiar with the group, but it is one that I enjoy very much and wanted to share with you.

  • That is REALLY cool!

    Even though you can instruct them to open and scan the contents, isn't there privacy issues involved?

  • Leila Coe says:

    This is very timely news for me! We are planning on heading out for 2 months this summer and didn't want to burden my family with forwarded mail, again. My sister-in-law put up with it for 4 years, so I didn't want to add more to that! : )
    Can you only use it for a couple months?

  • Elizabeth says:

    Cool! I always wondered how that worked but never had the need to find out. So if you have chosen to have a package forwarded to you, you must then pay the shipping charge, so it had better be good! Do all RV parks allow dogs? I am intrigued by the thought of being a vagabond.

    • As far as packages are concerned, we would give the sender the address in Florida., But yes, it would have to be sent again to where we are staying. With a small amount of planning, we can also have packages shipped to friends or family that we are planning to visit.

      Though many do, not all RV parks allow dogs, and some have number, weight, and/or breed restrictions – which is why we list campground pet policies on our web site.

      I am not sure if we qualify as vagabonds, but its a title that I hope we're working towards! I will say that traveling in an RV makes you aware of how little “stuff” you need and how much money we waste on stuff we don't need. It's a very simple lifestyle. And, if you can imagine, we fit everything we need for 2 people and 2 dogs in a 24 foot by 8 foot space. It's actually pretty cool :)

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